The services listed below are just a few ways in which our CxO team has helped their clients or employers prior to joining our firm.  At CEO Solutions Partners, our Principals use this prior experience to develop and provide alternative solutions to their consulting clients, so the client can make the key decisions.   Once our clients have made the decision on which alternative solution to implement, then they engage our team or our Strategic Alliance Partner Firms to implement those solutions.

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CEO Level Services, Training & Coaching

CEO coaching, mentoring and more. 


Streamlining operations or improving operational efficiency or other related needs.


Establishing the proper capital structure, obtaining long-term and short-term financing, credit facilities, other business loans, investor capital and more.

Cash Flow

Improve cash flow, cash flow strategy, forecasting, management and more.

Increase in Entity Value

Increase Earnings Before Interest Taxes and Depreciation (EBITDA) and/or the "multiple" that determines your entity value.

Information Technology

IT management, strategy, systems implementations, reducing system complexity, reducing disparate systems, improving communication between systems, the "internet of things" and more.

Human Capital Strategy

Strategies to develop, retain and recruit the Human Capital needed to run your organization.

Manufacturing Efficiency

An in-depth analysis of manufacturing systems and processes to determine the best course of action for correction and/or implementation.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Formation of a key team to lead the process of acquiring business and/or selling business units. Working with M&A firms to ensure that your company needs are well represented in the process.

Selling Our Business

Management of the team needed to prepare for the sale of your business, the related due diligence and the preparation before the process. Or immediate help if you are in the midst of a current sale process.  For a free book on selling your business, click here.

Exit/Business Transition Planning

Considering an ESOP, transition of business to family members or a controlled group, or other transition...and/or need a comprehensive plan that addresses in advance all of the factors and expertise needed to do a successful transition.

Process Improvement

Assess key processes within the company and ensuring that they are best practices, highly efficient and meet the needs of the organization.

ERP Implementation and/or Improvement

ERP system selection, ERP system implementation management, ERP system improvements and stabilization, and more.

Training at C-Level

Executive or key employee training, mentoring, coaching, team building, implementation of Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), Zynity or other management processes or systems.

Training at Organizational Level

Organization level training systems and strategy.

Systems Integrations

Strategy and execution of plan to get multiple or disparate systems to integrate or communicate with each other.

International Sales

Strategy or management of teams to sell products or services internationally.


International Operations

Establish/managing operations, plants, facilities in other countries. Introductions to international firms, manufacturers, R&D companies, distributors, etc. (or introductions to U.S. firms if you are based in another country).

Quality Improvement

Improve product or service quality in specific areas or throughout the organization.

Company Turnaround

Company sales or profitability is mediocre or headed in the wrong direction and expertise in the turnaround strategy, process and/or implementation is needed.

Government Contracting

Government contracting, regulations, compliance, best practices, related cyber-security regulations for contractors, sub-contractors and more.

Real Estate Consulting

Real estate strategy, buy vs lease decisions, management, ROI calculations, and more.


Advice related to the valuation process, the best type of firm to use depending on the related needs, etc.

Organizational/Leadership Development

Building the organization and leadership to its fullest potential.

Interim C-Suite Services

Interim CEO, COO, CFO, Controller, or other C-level individual with Marketing, IT, Cyber Security, or other skills.

Fractional C-Suite Services

Part-time/fractional individual with experience as a CEO, COO, CFO, Controller,  or other C-level individual with Marketing, IT, Cyber Security, or other skills.

Tax Strategy

Long-term or short-term tax strategies.  Opportunity zone information and resources. 

Private Insurance/Captive Insurance

Need help with mitigating corporate, operational and other risk through private insurance companies, captive insurance, self-insurance mechanisms and more. Reduce outside premiums and build wealth/earnings with savings.

Due Diligence or Preparing for Audits

Discover accounting, GAAP, IFRS, internal controls or other issues in financial and other areas ahead of the audit or due diligence work of outsiders.

Accounting/Controller Services

Outsourcing all or part of the accounting process, payroll and/or related functions or to improve the work and ROI of existing accounting resources.

Financial Planning & Analysis

Budgets, rolling forecasts and cash flow projections, complex business and financial analysis, and more.

Branding and Brand Management

Choosing the right brand development/management resource, management of the process, forecasting brand implementation costs.

Account Management/Business Development

Developing or fixing internal and/or external account management and business development efforts.

Improving Profit Margins

Develop and implement strategies for improving overall gross margins and operating margins.

Cost Reduction Strategies

Improve EBITDA through well-thought-out cost reduction strategies.

Regulatory Compliance

Assess, implement and monitor the right resources to ensure proper regulatory compliance.

Business Transformation

Business blue ocean, sea change strategy that bring about fundamental changes to the entire organization.

C-Level Presentations/Videos

C-Suite or key individuals trained/coached on doing public speaking whether live, on-camera, video, live TV, or on social media.

Technology Integration

Reduce complexity and costs related to multiple systems, spreads-schedules, manual reports and other related processes. 

Six Sigma and Related

Hoshin Kanri strategy,  Lean/Six Sigma, Standard Work, A3 and PDCA problem solving processes, data analysis, DMAIC data driven quality strategy, control charts, statistics, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), regression and correlation.

Sales Strategy/Management

Developing or revamping sales strategy, domestic and international, implementing those processes and management of teams as needed.

Market Development

Development of new markets, improved penetration of existing markets and more.

Supply Chain Improvement

Supply chain strategy, planning and plan execution to improve results and reduce costs while maintaining redundancy and lowering risk as needed.

Cyber Security

Outsourced Chief Information Security Office (CISO), prevention of cyber attacks, remediation or strategic planning.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing, marketing strategy and more.

Strategic Performance Initiatives

Strategic performance related to HR, Human Capital, executive and organizational teams and more.

Business Development/Introductions

Introduce you to international companies (e.g. manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, 3PLs, etc), agents, distributors, R&D partners and more.

Sales Process Auditing

 Find holes in the sales process (domestic and international sales). Evaluate the overall effectiveness of your entire sales process and the factors that impact the process and the related sales and/or profitability (e.g. factors such as multiple countries, languages, cultures, time zones, currencies, computer systems, etc.)  

Complimentary Business Assessment

Don't know where to start but would be open to one of the individuals from your Executive Team coming out to do a free assessment and no-obligation assessment report.

Employee Incentive Programs

Create "smart employee incentive programs," align sales compensation with goals, C-Suite compensation strategy and more.

Data Migration, Extraction & Analytics

Extract data from one or multiple systems to migrate to new systems, or for data analytics, reporting, etc.

PEO, ASO, Payroll, HR, Risk

Evaluate the pros and cons, cost savings, etc. related to partnering with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), Administrative Services Organization (ASO), and/or outsourcing of HR, Risk, Compliance and more.

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