Frquently Asked Questions

Do you provide CFO services?


Yes. This has been our historical focus. However, CEOs of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations realize that a CFO is not always the solution for every business need.  Most CEOs of small to mid-sized organizations will admit they wear too many hats.  They not only need the right solutions for their organizations, but they need the right person or group with the experience to assess the need, find the gaps, and to develop and implement the best solutions. That is why our new focus goes beyond traditional CFO work...and why a national network of trusted partners is vital to the success of our clients and prospective clients.  Our national network of trusted partners specialize in areas that include IT, HR, process re-engineering, wealth management, M&A, financing, insurance and risk management solutions and more.

Do you provide audit, tax or similar services that are usually provided by a CPA firm?


No. However, if you need an audit, CPA review, or tax work...we can provide some good contacts for you to consider in your geographical area; trusted advisers that our clients have used in the past.

Give me an example. How you have helped your clients in the past?


Over the past five years we have helped our clients by managing, implementing and/or quarterbacking the following types of solutions: Chief Financial Officer (CFO) services (interim CFO work and ongoing work), accounting services, controller services, risk management, investment analysis, New Market Tax Credit work, ERP implementations, business loans, refinancing, factoring, working capital loans, increasing cash flow and company value, managing cash flow, budgets, forecasts of cash flow/profit & loss/balance sheets, system integrations, process improvement, implementation of paperless invoice and bill processing, accounting system rebuilds, business strategy, operational strategy and more. As we grow our national group of strategic partners, we now can also help our clients and potential clients in many other ways.