We are currently recruiting for C-level individuals throughout North America who are highly experienced in their technical field and possessing the ability to interact with business owners and CEOs at a peer level.  We look for trusted business advisers who share our passion for honesty, integrity and providing the best solutions for clients.

Contact us today for more information on experience requirements, ownership potential, benefits package and more.  See the link below to upload your resume or contact us via phone or LinkedIn.


Here are just a few reasons that you might be interested in talking to us:

Benefits to you and your family:

  • Health insurance and other insurance options.
  • 3% corporate overhead/revenue share means that you take home 97% or more of your earned revenues.
  • No buy-in fee.
  • Extensive corporate perks program.
  • No unnecessary restrictions on the solutions you provide to your clients.  Our aim is to find and implement the best solutions for our business owners regardless if they are startups, small, mid-sized, Fortune 500, for-profit, non-profit, or just an idea that is being incubated.  If your client or prospective client needs help with accounting, accounting management, tactical C-level work, strategic C-level work, systems implementations, security assessments, marketing, operations, executive coaching and/or and our team of C-level professionals ...combined with the skills of our national strategic alliance partners can assist you as you quarterback the real solutions that your client needs.
  • Core software stack provided at no charge includes:  1) an award winning CRM system used by many Fortune 500 clients including free training; 2) advanced file-sharing for business teams; 3) world-class intranet system connects you to our team across North America and our national and regional strategic alliance partner firms. 3) advanced email.
  • Discounts on the core tools you need (e.g. significant discounts on all Intuit/QuickBooks products for you and your clients).
  • You are a vital part of our leadership team (contact us for more information).  Your knowledge, expertise, suggestions and criticisms will always be valued. We want our principals  to guide our firm and to speak up when we may not be headed in the best direction.
  • All of our principals are encouraged to work together in a cohesive unit, with a coordinated plan to bring in leads, assist you as needed, partner with you on clients and/or client assignments, and to provide any training, coaching or mentoring that you want.  We want to work as a team to help you be highly successful.
  • Set your own hours, schedule, billing rates.  Take time as needed for you and your family (e.g. vacations, school events, family medical leave).
  • Marketing, advertising and lead generation that meets your needs (contact us for more details).
  • We are fun!  No bullies or negative behavior allowed (unless you're just having a bad day.)  :)

Benefits to Your Clients

Instead of having just a few tools in your tool belt and a list of things that you are not allowed or are not capable of providing to your clients, what if you were part of a firm that had C-level executives with extensive skills in Marketing, Advertising, Sales Management, Operations, IT, Risk Management, FP&A, Executive Coaching, Finance, Accounting, Growth Strategies, Business Building, Exit Planning and more?  What if you were a part of firm that has national and regional strategic alliance partner firms who are constantly available to educate and update you and your fellow partners on the key solutions that they can provide to your clients and, in addition, what they're seeing in their sector of the business world?

Would you like to hear more?  Call us at 480-447-2204 or use our contact page.